Linux Gold Hosting

This package is available from £13.00 per month (£156.00 per year).

For more information or to place an order please contact me.

Package Features

  • 1000 MB storage space: Fast Linux-based disk space to store your files.
  • 5000 MB monthly bandwidth: Maximum allowable monthy data transfer.
  • 50 sub-domains: Create multiple Web sites using sub-domains.
  • 50 domain aliases: Allow more than one domain to point to your Web site.


  • 50 POP3 / IMAP mailboxes: Create your own email accounts and download via POP or IMAP.
  • SMTP access: You can use my servers to send your email.
  • Web-based access (Webmail): Check your email using the SquirrelMail Web-based email client.
  • Unlimited aliases: Create as many email aliases as you need.
  • Unlimited forwarders: Create as many email forwarders as you need.
  • Unlimited auto-responders: Create as many auto-responders as you need.
  • Spam filtering: Advanced SpamAssassin software filters your email to fight against spam.
  • Virus filtering: MailScanner filters your email to fight against viruses.
  • Mailing lists: Powerful Majordomo mailing list manager installed and ready to use.

Site management

  • Web-based Control Panel: Easy to use Ensim Web-based control panel.
  • FTP access: Quickly and easily access your files via FTP anytime.
  • SSH (secure shell) access: Secure access to your site and files.
  • phpMyAdmin: Web-based MySQL database management tool.
  • File manager: Easy to use Web-based file manager.
  • Backup & restore: Backup or restore your Web site at the click of a button.
  • Protected directories (.htaccess): Restrict access for certain users and groups.

Scripting & software

  • 10 MySQL databases: Create multiple MySQL databases for your Web site.
  • PHP 4 support: PHP 4 is fully supported.
  • Perl 5 support: Perl 5 is fully supported.
  • CGI support: CGI is fully supported.
  • Server-Side Includes (SSI): Server-Side Includes are fully supported.

Advanced features

  • Advanced visitor statistics: Provices detailed information on your Web site visitors in a clear, easy to use format.
  • Bandwidth monitoring: Monitor your monthly data transfer levels.
  • Access to raw log files: You can view and download your site log files.
  • Custom error pages: Set up your own custom error pages (404 etc.)
  • Secure server (shared SSL): Free use of a certified secure server.
  • .htaccess: Use .htaccess files with your hosting.
  • MIVA Merchant: Ecommerce shopping cart compatible.
  • Cron jobs / scheduled tasks: Run programs at scheduled times (available on request).
  • Frontpage Extensions 2002: Microsoft Frontpage Extensions fully supported (available on request).
Package Add-ons
Package Add-onsLxGold
Additional 100 MB storage space£1.50 pm
Additional 1000 MB monthly bandwidth£1.50 pm
Additional 25 mailboxes£1.50 pm
Dedicated IP address£2.50 pm
SSL certificate (inc. IP address)£90.00 pa

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  • Award winning Web-based control panel

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