Web design philosophy

Why complicate matters?

I could create sophisticated flash introductions, fancy 3D animated graphics, moving text or even music that plays after the page has downloaded - but I choose not to. Instead I concentrate on clarity, ease of navigation and speed of loading.

The advantages of this simple design approach are apparent:

  • without unnecessary graphics a Web page downloads very quickly
  • with careful use of colours, fonts and images a Web site becomes more striking
  • a clean design emphasises the information or products being promoted
  • a Web site becomes more search engine friendly and is more likely to attain a high ranking
  • visitors are more likely to return

Keep it simple - your visitors will thank you

By using simple and elegant design techniques together with professional Web design standards, the contents of your Web site have more impact.

I design Web sites to download as fast as they possibly can - retaining your existing customers and perhaps gaining you new ones.